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Adirondack Scottish Highland Bagpipers. Lake George, New York Bagpiper for hire. Planning a wedding, family reunion or other special event in the Adirondack Lake George, New York area? We can provide the music to suit every occasion, whether you are getting married, paying respects to a loved one, or having a celebration party. A single piper is often preferred for a wedding or funeral but to entertain a party or group of people, bagpipes can sound their best with drums. We can provide a band consisting of a few pipers, a snare, tenor and a bass drummer for a large gathering or party.


Hiring a bagpiper.

 It is important to know the experience level of the piper you choose, especially for such an important time in your life. Ask for references, grade level, years of instruction, are they a member of a pipe band?

Our experience and references.

 Katie Lockhart is a grade 3 piper and at twenty one years of age, has played the bagpipes for eight years. As a member of the Adirondack Pipes and Drums Band, Katie has played and competed as a solo piper across the northeastern United States and Canada. Katie has entertained across New York State and Vermont in churches, castles, resorts and numerous private functions. An active member of the band, Katie has been involved in hundreds of parades, public ceremonies and competitions at the Scottish Highland Games.    Erin Lockhart has equal experience as a Tenor & Bass Drummer and is presently twenty three years of age.

 The Adirondack Scottish Highland Bagpipers will travel and play anywhere, to inspire your friends and family. Your Bagpiper will be in full Scottish regalia, kilt and all. We can provide a full pipe band if requested. Let us entertain your guests with a wide variety of Scottish, Irish and Celtic music. With Katie Lockhart in Royal Stewart tartan playing the bagpipes and Erin Lockhart in the Black Watch tartan playing the tenor drum, your next party will be a celebration to remember. 

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   The Adirondack Scottish Highland Bagpipers not only guarantee you perfect music, they bring the spirit, youth and beauty of two Scottish & Irish girls to your event.  

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email elockhart@roadrunner.com

Call anytime to reserve a bagpiper at your next party or event. 

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  We support the Adirondack Pipes and Drums band.Since 1949, the Adirondack Pipes and Drums band have played in countless parades and ceremonies.  Under the leadership, direction and instruction of Dr. Harold Kirkpatrick, the band has captured the hearts, drew tears and inspired thousands with their marches and melodies. Since September 11th, the request and demand for bagpipe bands across America has never been greater. If you are interested in playing pipes or being a drummer in the band, call us and we will assist you in any way we can.


toll free 1-888-848-5253